Summer Special

4 Classic or Veggie pies
4 Hog Roast S’rolls
Plus 4 pots of Mash and Gravy for just £30!

Pick your favourite pies to complete your selection box. These will then be delivered to your door. Simply pop them straight into the freezer so you can take them out to bake at your leisure.

Make your selections Allergy Advice

Choose Your Flavours

  • Succulent Steak £0.00
    Slow Cooked Brisket + Frothingham Best Ale £0.00
    Chicken, Smoked Bacon + Leek £0.00
    8 Hour Slow Roasted BBQ Pulled Pork £0.00
    Creamy Garlic Mushroom* (VV) £0.00
    Peppered Steak + Mushroom £0.00
    Baked Chicken + Sage Stuffing £0.00
    Cauliflower + Broccoli Cheese (V) £0.00
    Caramelised Red Onion, Potato + Cheese (VV) £0.00
    Classic Meat + Tattie £0.00
    Thai Green Veggie (VV) £0.00
    Creamy Garlic Chicken + Mushroom £0.00
    Steak + Stilton £0.00
  • Classic Brownie £0.00
    Half Baked Brownie £0.00

If you wont be home until after 5pm, please let us know and we can pop your order in a thermo sleeve to keep them frozen until you get home. Just let us know a safe place to leave them in the "Order notes" section at checkout.


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